hey! my name is Kate and i'm 16 years old, yesterday was my birthday but... i don't really happy.. it's because my parents wasn't here and my brother is in business trip, i don't know when he will come home, he didn't tell me before he go. oh! and this is my first day of school, but my best friend are going to move today... and at my class i'm already got bullied by someone, everyone is know that i'm in trouble but, no one help me! i was a little bit depressed because of that but i'm trying to make myself happy. what do you think about all my friends? they know that i'm in trouble... they know that i'm a loner....they know i don't have friends because i'm new here but they didn't help me they just bullied me..... they just watching me sad..... they didn't do anything. and until someone want to be my friend, and now i'm always happy because of her, were become a best friend, her name is Athena, we trust each other... and we promised to trust each other... we always hang out and today, there will be a new student i'm so exited i hope we can be friends, 

teacher : "students! meet our new student! Hannah..."

teacher : " Hannah go sit behind Kate please..."

Hannah : "um... may i know who is Kate?"

teacher : "Kate! can you stand up please?"

teacher : "now you know who is Kate, right?"

Hannah : "yeah!' 

Hannah walk to her sit, and someone make her fell, and of course i help her, but she say 


Kate : "B-but.."

teacher : "HANNAH! she already help you! you shouldn't being rude to her!"

Hannah was so mad because of me... i though she was nice but it was just an expectation... lunch time! me and Athena eat lunch together like always... when were going to the canteen Hannah come to me and ask me...

Hannah : "hey! Kate! is that your friend?"

Kate : " um... yeah?"

Hannah : "hey! what's your name?"

Athena : "oh! my name is Athena!"

Hannah :"so... wanna eat lunch together at the roof top?"

Athena : "can i also bring Kate?"

Hannah : "oh!"

Hannah come closer to Athena and grab her hand and then walked away... Athena grab her hand say

Athena : "Let me go! i want to eat lunch with Kate!"

before it happened i was running to class i was so sad i though Athena is deal with Hannah to eat lunch together at the roof top... and then Athena come to my class and say

Athena : "i will never eat lunch without you.."

she grab my hand and bring me to her favorite place.. and then we ate our lunch there, Hannah couldn't find us... and she give up for trying to find Athena, because her favorite place is so secret 

a years later...

me and Athena are still together but Hannah is keep trying so hard to get Athena... but Athena never want to go with Hannah because Athena know what is she doing when Athena is go with her and dealing with her..   
and i trusted her to be my friend for ever, only her that know my secret.

that's not the ending of my story...

Until this day.... i didn't trust Athena anymore...
She lied!
She lied that she will never forget me!

when i was walked to school i saw Athena and Hannah walk to school together.. and when i'm asked Athena why is she walk with Hannah.. she say.....

Athena : "Stay away from me!"

Athena : "Now tell me the truth!"

Kate : "what are you talking about?"

Athena : "don't pretend like you don't know anything!"

Athena : "So the rumors... you spend a rumors about me, huh?!"

Kate : "Rumors?!"

Athena : "you spend a rumors about me!"

i was upset at that time i couldn't say anything i know who spend the rumors, it's Hannah, why?! because when Athena mad at me Hannah is look like she happy to saw Athena mad at me.... but i can't tell Athena, she will so mad because she think that i'm lying.. i know we already promise to trust each other.. i think she already break the promise...


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