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By: AKIRA hey! my name is Kate and i'm 16 years old, yesterday was my birthday but... i don't really happy.. it's because my parents wasn't here and my brother is in business trip, i don't know when he will come home, he didn't tell me before he go. oh! and this is my first day of school, but my best friend are going to move today... and at my class i'm already got bullied by someone, everyone is know that i'm in trouble but, no one help me! i was a little bit depressed because of that but i'm trying to make myself happy. what do you think about all my friends? they know that i'm in trouble... they know that i'm a loner....they know i don't have friends because i'm new here but they didn't help me they just bullied me..... they just watching me sad..... they didn't do anything. and until someone want to be my friend, and now i'm always happy because of her, were become a best friend, her name is Athena, we trust each other

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